Hello to everyone!  We hope you are all well!  2009 proved to be an amazing year for The Rescue Ranch.  It started with a grant from the Leonard X. Bosack & Bette M. Kruger Charitable Foundation of $5,200 for 4 spays days.  This allowed us to alter 143 pets free to the public.  With $20,000 in total from our anonymous donor we were able to spay and neuter another 262 dogs.  Since the program’s start in December 2008 and with other grants, the PETCO Foundation ($1,000), PetSmart Charities ($2,600), Gregg Biffle Foundation ($1,500) & fundraised money, we were able to spay & neuter 960 pets in 2009. 


When our program started we knew we would reach out to 8-10 counties.  Now, more than a year later we are handling 26 counties.  Most have no animal control and no shelters.  We have found that the need is far greater than expected but we are stepping up and hopefully you will continue to find us worthy of your support.  Our efficiency and reputation is spreading. 


Here is how we KNOW we have had a major impact on our area.  In 2008, from just one dumpster we picked up 60 dogs and 48 cats, a total of 108 animals.  They all went to the Dublin/Laurens Humane Society - 45-miles away.  In 2009 it was 16 cats and just 5 dogs!!!!!! Yes that’s right just 5 dogs.  Is the problem solved, no.  Areas that have a greater population than ours still have stray issues, but we do not.  However if we ignore our neighbors and stop now it will only take a very short time to revert back to the way it was.  Therefore we would like to continue on our path, concentrate on the repeat offenders and bad areas and “get “em all fixed”!  WITH YOUR HELP WILL WE SUCCEED!


Special thanks goes to Bonnie Greene owner of Cedar Lane Supper Club who allows us to have some great fundraisers there.  We also want to thank all the Cedar Lane staff for their help and all our volunteers, especially Ann & Frank Murphy for stepping up and doing a great job as fosters and transportation volunteers.


We have already received another $15,000 from our anonymous donor in 2010!  We look forward to another great year and our hope is to have an area s/n clinic up and operational in 2011.