UTTERLY FETCHING FELINES!  - Copyright 2005 B.L. Bruigom


It’s no wonder that cat lovers find their furry friends to be utterly fetching.  They are completely charming and adorable at all ages.  Cats come in a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes and most importantly personalities.  Even the most cantankerous of cats still puts on the charm as the occasion suits them.


Dog lovers think they have it over cat owners because …“my dog comes when I call it” … and … “my dog can fetch and play”.  Well dog lovers I’m sorry to tell you cats still have dogs beat by miles.  Not only do they come when called, but yes many also fetch!


Fetching is not a “trained behavior” to cats.  There are many who just like a certain item’s texture and feel and love for you to throw it over and over again.


I first saw this with my Siamese Bubby who 18 years ago did this with my feather duster.  The next generation of cats saw my tuxedo Boo take a particular liking to small balls. Nothing bigger than a marble mind you.  Now it’s Pikey’s turn.


Pikey is my silver tabby that just loves rubber items.  He doesn’t care if it’s a rubber band or Lance Armstrong’s “Livestrong” yellow wristband.  But his absolute favorite item to fetch is a snorkel keeper.  For those of you who are not familiar with this item, it is used by snorkelers and divers to attach a snorkel, (breathing tube), to the mask you wear while your face is in the water.


Pikey somehow got into my dive bag and claimed a spare snorkel keeper as his.  In this picture you can see him trotting it back to me.  He’s had this same one for three years now!  We will play this game for hours.  Especially at 4 a.m. when it seems ALL cats come alive.  He doesn’t hesitate to jump on the bed, wake me out of a dead sleep, as he drops his snorkel keeper on my face or chest.  He has me so well trained that I will keep tossing it off the bed, around the room, out the door and manage to still sleep through most of it.  As I said he’s not just fetching, but utterly fetching while doing so!