I recently discovered Equine & Animal Wellness through your March/April Equine issue.  I would like to share with you the events of our home so you may fully understand why it’s been a wonderful discovery.  I hope you will also share this with your readers and everyone please understand while I will talk about a certain vet and products it is to express the impact they have had in our lives not a "you must use only them".


It was back in September/October of 2004 when our peaceful, secure, harmonious home and life was changed by the unprecedented 4 hurricanes that hit Florida.  Our greatest impact came from Frances and Jeanne.  In one storm we no longer had a home and the sanctuaries that I was a part of were also wiped out.  The other left the apartment we moved to damaged and my husband who was from South Africa, fled back to SA where they don’t have things like this!  I am a wildlife and exotic animal rescuer, but now I needed to rescue us.  All the wildlife went to other facilities.  With no place to work at what I loved, my attention turned to the neighborhood cat situation.  Over 30 kittens and cats, pets and feral, were starting to breed out of control, many had upper respiratory infections; their diets were non-existent. While dealing with 2 more moves and my own 5 cats, I got as many spayed, neutered and adopted as was possible.


Our fourth move in one year found us in Georgia, knowing no one but hoping to start a sanctuary in a very rural area out of hurricane alley.   It was 12 cats and myself, the original 5 and 7 that had “issues” both of a psychological and physical nature, meaning they all needed special care homes and all of us were in survival mode.


For two years we have just existed, each traumatized, each with our own baggage.  Rural unfortunately also means poor; there is not the financial foundation to get another sanctuary up and running.  So with my non-profit status in hand I help the local Humane Society and people in the community with their animals.  This is how I became involved in horses and finally discovered you!


I was helping a woman deal with an Arabian gelding, Etienne, who had a very severe ear problem.  I knew this to be some sort of yeast/fungus but remember rural and poor are synonymous in this area.  Local vets don’t even have the means to test this type of thing.  It would have to be sent off to UGA for analysis – costly, something the woman could never afford.  One day while getting feed I came across Equine Wellness and to my delight it was EVERYTHING I had been missing out on.  I have been holistic and homeopathic for years, so I was thrilled to find such a wonderful magazine.  The HEEL products are one of my best resources for treatments and the company is wonderful to work with!


Etienne’s ears were always on my mind, but I was out of my league and unable to get an area like this to realize that the ENTIRE animal must be treated.  He was a rescued horse having endured about the worse you could possibly imagine.  While reading your magazine I came across Dr. Chris King’s article.  In my head I heard “I am available” because she had her phone number included with her contact info.  This is very important to me because although I use email, I need to “hear” a person’s heart and soul before I can trust them with my thought process and animals.  I called her and the very next day my call was returned.  Even better was when I explained what I was dealing with, that the whole animal needed to be treated and she “got it”!  Dr. Chris worked with me from Washington State and together we got Etienne on his way to a good recovery.  Platinum Performance, HEEL meds and flower essences were part of his new routine.  Within just a few days Etienne’s ears had stopped going backwards.


One of the most interesting things Dr. Chris turned me onto were flower essences from Green Hope Farms.  I contacted them immediately and had most of their “Animal Wellness” line sent to me. They were wonderful to work with too! 


All the rescued cats and my home were put on the essences.  When Dr. Chris introduced her line of essences they were added to our routines. She has wonderful communication skills, great suggestions, fantastic product knowledge and the blessings of essences with love.  Here are just a few of the very remarkable events that transpired.


Blackie-Black – neutered male, 18 lbs. of black rag doll with a very severe, on going, UTI problem.  He has spent too many months on antibiotics and I knew in my heart that if I couldn’t find a solution for him that I would be burying him this year.  Between Dr. Chris’s recommendations and insight, as well as the flower essences, we have gone 2 months without a hint of a problem.  He is also talking up a storm and I see a good long life for him!


Pikey – neutered male, 18 lbs of silver tabby was a big bully always in it with Blackie and the others.  Now he walks right past them and many times he can be found lying just a few feet from the others without a care in the world. They are both here in the office as I write this to you!


Sophie – spayed female, 12 lbs black & white DSH, suffered from severe anxiety and separation issues to the point of yanking fur out, biting her nails and continually scratching her skin to the point of bleeding and scabs.  She now has a very healthy coat and is much calmer.


Mommy – spayed female, 10 lbs, DSH tabby was horribly traumatized by the hurricanes and the aftermath.  While she was very loving to me just the sound of another human or storm sent her into a flight mode.  I have a young lady who helps me regularly and for a solid year she had never seen Mommy.  In the last month Mommy now comes in the house, she doesn’t run from Amber, she will actually sit on the couch with the two of us and watch TV.  The change in her is remarkable all thanks to Dr. Chris and flower essences!


By discovering Equine/Animal Wellness, Dr. Chris King with her amazing abilities and the world of flower essences, for the first time in 3 very long years we all finally feel like we are at home again – safe, secure and living with purpose, in harmony!  THANK-YOU one and all!


Barbara Bruigom

President/Founder of The Rescue Ranch

P.O. Box 527

McRae, GA 31055